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Latin American Solidarity Centre

(Lasc) was set up in 1996 to highlight injustices in Latin America. While campaigning for everyone’s basic human rights it focuses on groups who experience oppression, exploitation, disadvantage and marginalization. They are committed to working in solidarity with people resisting oppression and to stand together with the popular movements in the country who struggle for social justice.

PAL are exploring ways in which we can work with Lasc. Poverty in this continent is not only caused by lack of resources but by unequal distribution of wealth.

To this end we have recently joined a group called ‘Justice for Colombia’, which includes LASC, INTO, Frontline Defenders to highlight displacement of poor farmers from their land, many of whom have been killed or arrested and languish in prison without trial. Displacement often means armed men arriving at night, shooting some people dead so that the rest flee in terror carrying nothing. Then they burn the houses so people cannot return. We will keep you informed.