How the PAL Charity Works


We receive funding from Irish Aid and from private donations.

Irish Aid through Misean Cara funds the work of the Irish religious congregations throughout the world. Through our project submission process we apply for some of these funds. Misean Cara funds a maximum of 75% on any capital project and that excludes any monies for salaries or running expenses.

Friends of PAL in Ireland and local contributions in Latin America bridge the gap and help projects during the setup phase until it is self sustaining.

Our objective is to promote self-sustaining projects and all funding applications are assessed with this requirement in mind.

Development strategies

We have targeted selected projects where we are sponsoring a development strategy to develop their organisational and fund raising capacity with the aim of becoming independent of external aid.

Monitoring projects to ensure they deliver on funded activities

All projects that receive funding are required to return accounts and progress reports.

Wills and legacies

By leaving a gift to Partnership America Latina (PAL) in your will, your legacy will live on through the work of The Little Sisters of the Assumption.

A Residuary Legacy

This is where you donate all, or part of, the residue of your estate, after all other bequests. That is after you have considered family, friends and when all debts, taxes and expenses have been discharged.

A Pecuniary Legacy

This is an amount you specify when your will or codicil is being drawn up.

A Specific Legacy

This refers to some item(s) of value you decide to donate. It can include such valuables as jewellery, household effects, stocks and shares or life assurance policies.

A Codicil

Should you have a will already in existence, you can have your solicitor add a codicil stipulating an addition to your will in favour of PAL.

Your donation to PAL is a legacy to a registered charity (CHY 6304) and is therefore exempt from tax.

Download our leaflet on wills and legacies