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Special Needs in Peru

Imagine you were born with special needs to a poor family in Lima, Peru, population over 8 million.  You live on a hill in a makeshift dwelling without running water or electricity.   Everyday your mother goes out to sell sweets on the street to buy food for the family, often there is not enough to go around.  Your father has gone.  This is the family’s only income, there is no state aid.  You cannot go to school because there is no transport or the school doesn’t cater for your special needs.  You cannot access Health Services.   You are trapped, you feel alone, a burden on your family, isolated and depressed.  Far fetched?  Meet Sandrita.

She was born 11 years ago with a mal formation of her mouth.  She cannot speak properly, eats with difficulty and never went to school.  She is underweight and mal nourished.  Confidence, self worth, and enjoyment of life, zero.  Now, thanks to your help all that is changing.  She has had several visits to the dentist which Sr. Bernie says she loves.   Surgery is planned, followed by special therapy and tuition. A new life awaits her. Sr. Bernie, who is a Little Sister of the Assumption, now working in Lima is our coordinator there and as you can imagine there are many more needing help.