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Asproma Recycling Project

Asproma is a Recycling Project set in the semi-desert area of north-east Brazil. It was set up by Sr. Franca of the Little Sisters of the Assumption for people who were rag-picking on the dumps to restrict an outbreak of dengue fever which had just hit the town. It evolved into a large non-profit recycling project, with two premises, which now employs over 24 people. In 2008 they collected 486,744 tonnes of recyclable material.

This remarkable transformation in people’s lives was achieved by Sr. Franca with the aid of other volunteers (Sr. Franca will deliver a short talk after the screening of the film ‘Wasteland’. They organised the collection of recyclable materials from the urban centres with wheelbarrows, handcarts and a truck. The hand carts were donated by PAL and the truck by Misean Cara (Irish Aid).

Not content with collecting the recyclable material, they also set up an environmental education programme, with lectures, visits to schools, businesses etc. to heighten awareness of ecology issues and in particular, waste management. They have received 4 National awards for their Project.